Best Tips to Eliminate Back Pain


Lower Back Pain is one of the most common conditions seen by doctors today. In fact – over 80% of adults will suffer from low backpain at some stage. It can affect your ability to enjoy your work, and worst of all, affect you leisure time with family and friends.

You would have seen numerous articles about back pains, each saying different things to eliminate it. But are there some simple, yet effective tips to help you deal with your lower back pain. The answer to this is below, with 5 essential tips for your low back pain…

Tip 1: Stretch at Night

Stretching is one of the most common used “cures” for lower back pain. You will see many different types of stretches, but they will be less effective unless you know when to stretch.

Stretching just before you go to bed is the ideal time to stretch. Why?

If you stretch a muscle and then use it afterwards, the benefits of the stretch are limited. If you rest after the stretch, flexibility and relaxation of the muscle will increase dramatically. Ideally you should still stretch 3 times each day, but the essential time is just prior to going to bed… when you can rest for 8 hours after your stretch.

Tip 2: Improve Muscle Strength

Most of you will immediately think that improving strength means going to a gym for endless hours pumping weights. Actually this is ineffective if the nerve or blood supply to your muscles is poor.

To improve the strength of any muscle, nerve and blood supply must improve first. This can be done by stimulating various reflexes for each muscle you are trying to target.

Tip 3: Keep Moving

Unless it is too painful to move, then keep moving.Your lower back pain will heal quicker if you keep moving.This means walking mainly, as it needs to be gentle and easy movement. Just walking around your house is good.

Don’t sit or lie down for hours. Research has shown that inactivity slows the healing process. Get up and move every hour, just for a few minutes, then healing will increase faster.

Tip 4: Seek Help

If you can’t move without pain, then seek help. Low backpain in most circumstances is the combination of minor events causing you pain. In less than 10% of lower back pain cases, is it serious.

One indication that it may be serious is the inability to move without pain. And the old saying also applies… “if pain persists, see your doctor”.

Never leave your lower back pain too long before you seek help. If in doubt see someone.

Tip 5: Learn to Prevent

The best cure for low backpain is not to have it. Preventing lower back pain is easy. All you need to do is make sure the lower back is in balance. The muscles are relaxed, yet strong. Joints move freely and easily. You learn all the simple things that can build strength in your lower back..

Lower back pain affects over 80% of adults. Yet it is simple to prevent low back pains with techniques you can use at home. Low back pain can be eliminated easily once it occurs, but the best way is still prevention.


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