Title: Cave Days or King Mania

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Many would like to go back in time and see what the life of the kinds was like, or maybe even be more extreme and go back to the cave days.

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Humanity has really evolved, now we are looking at projects from flying cars, downtowns are filled with skyscrapers, third world countries are becoming unrecognizable in a good way, we have more new gadgets coming out than we know what to do with and take amazing things such as internet for granted.

Just imagine going back in time to the time when the kings were the ultimate power in their particular countries, how different the things were, well now you have a chance to do so, by reliving the king mania. You get to play a quick action strategy game, different from any you have seen before! King Mania challenges players to make quick tactical decisions as they struggle to conquer their opponents using a variety of buildings and units. Overwhelm your enemies with a collection of destruction spells, and reinforce your defenses with a range of structure upgrades. Use your increasing numbers to further accumulate power and remove the rival king from his throne! With so many unique battlefields, multiple structure upgrades and original music soundtrack you might not want to come back to reality after trying out this amazing adrenaline rush of an experience.

Lets for one second consider, that going back in time and doing it king style, and we are not talking about Burger King and you get a chance to go back even further, millions years back, when people lived in caves and grilled dinosaurs at BBQs, now that would be WOW! Well now you get to experience it, by reliving the little experience of two prehistoric buddies: one feels there must be more to life than just hunting dinosaurs, while the other enjoys every tasty bit of it! Then a woman comes along and all bets are off! Follow these funny cavemen through four full-featured environments with tons of humorous cut scenes and more than 100 goals to achieve! It’s time to meet Ugo, Dawson and their friends in Cave Days, the game that reshapes the Stone Age! T-Rex included! You are sure have a thrill by having Prehistoric Side-Scrolling Fun with 4 Full-Featured Cave Men Environments, more than 100 various cave men goals and tasks to complete and of course you get to hang with the good old T-Rex, what else could you ask for.

Now go on and go back few hundred generations and see how your ancestors used to do it, enjoy!

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